About Actoz SG

Actoz SG, founded in Singapore, is a subsidiary of Actozsoft, a KOSDAQ-listed game
company in Korea. We publish the best picked games for global gamers.

  • We Cherry-pick!

    We apply strict standards for
    selection of game portfolio.
    We find the best games and get
    ready to invite global gamers.

  • We Connect!

    Through the vast global network,
    We connect global gamers with
    the best game developers.

  • We Care!

    Based on the comprehension of
    game users, With the long
    experience of publishing various
    games, we genuinely cares


Clash of Titans

For competitive game users
In the battle, players are divided into two teams, which need to compete with each other in the scattered game map
through the acquisition of gold, EXP, and equipment in the process of the game.
Each player controls a hero to destroy the crystal of the other team as the ultimate goal to win.